Monday, June 8, 2009


(1988) AWFUL-I stopped watching about 40 minutes in to the movie and even that was hard to bare. The so-called story takes place at a home for troubled youths called, St. Boniface. A new addition to the group comes knocking on the door in the middle of the night needing a place to hide out from his murderous father. As luck would have it, the boy's father finds his hideout and proceeds to possess his soul in order to draw energy from it. The boy is now able to create telekinetic force fields that create accidents in order to draw in more energy. The acting and effects are horrible and the story-line lacks any continuity. I must say I was very disappointed because this movie was once featured on USA Up All Night and I usually have fun watching those movies even if they are bad! I would definitely skip this one! In case you are looking to torture yourself and must see this movie, it was directed by Deryn Warren and seems to have only been released on VHS. The movie also has an alternate title, The Boy from Hell.

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