Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Burning

(1981)-If you like the Friday the 13th series, this is definatley one to check out! The movie begins with a group of young kids at a summer camp who decide to play a prank on the caretaker, Cropsy. Their prank goes horribly wrong and although Cropsy comes out alive, he is severaly burned. Now that he's deformed, Cropsy is pissed off at the world and decides to take revenge on the next generation of campers and their counselors. His weapon of choice is a pair of very sharp gardening shears that rack up a fair body count once you get half-way through the movie. Although the filming style and quality of this movie may be grittier and a little more low-budget than the Friday series, the movie does feature a very memorable death scene involving several campers on a raft. The movie also features some well-known actors such as Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter. Most of the music in the movie is done by Rick Wakemen,of the band Yes, and relies heavily on synthesized keyboard compositions. It is directed by Tony Maylam and is currently available on DVD. A must see for slasher fans, especially those who love classic 80's slashers!

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