Friday, May 29, 2009

Humanoids from the Deep

(1980)-I loved this movie! Whats not to love when mutated amphibious sea-creatures start to terrorize a small town in order to mate with its young female population. Humanoids is the story of a salmon-fishing community who in order to keep the town thriving experiments with a growth hormone to make their catch more plentiful. As I'm sure you have already guessed, the experiment goes horribly wrong. The hormone only proves to create a breed of half human half salmon(I think) sea creatures that are seeking to keep their population alive. How do they do this you ask? By sexually assaulting a young woman so she may give birth to their offspring. I know this sounds really weird, but I found it oddly entertaining. The body count isn't that high, but there is some gore and bloodshed to be seen. Produced by Roger Corman and directed by Barbara Peeters, this was released on DVD for a short time but went out of print almost immediately. So, if you see it in some one's garage sale-definitely snatch it up!


  1. So glad that someone else recognises the sheer brilliance of Humanoids From the Deep. I've always thought that anyone who doesn't enjoy this movie, frankly isn't worth knowing.

    Great blog!

  2. I wonder if instead of putting the actual video on your blog, if you put the link they would allow you to use it. I love to watch old movie trailers.
    I was also excited to find your blog. How come you haven't added anything new since 2010?